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Cost effective specimen tracking.

Specitrack was born out of the need for a cost effective specimen registration system for a small independent histology laboratory. Unlike other high end systems, Specitrack was developed by a scientist with a life times work in the pathology industry. It is specifically focused on the needs of the scientific staff to minimise errors and reduce their workload. Being based on the FileMaker platform, means it is stable, secure and taylorable to individual practice needs. Most of all, it is affordable.

Seamless Integration.

Specitrack has been  integrated with cassette printers, slide printers, label printers and stainers from many popular companies. With 2D barcoding at every stage of the specimen process, Specitrack ensures accuracy.

How does it do it.

By optimising on-demand printing at microtomy with 2d barcoding, Specitrack can reduce your error rate improving patient safety. At cut-up, Spectrack enforces double barcode checking to providing sample tracking and prevent sample mix ups. Specitrack does not allow any slide printing until block storage is assigned. With this system, blocks are always traceable, negating the need for laborious filing. Special stains, deeper levels and IHC can be ordered through the system preventing the need for paper and keeping the pathologist doing their job. Reagents, consults control material can all be recorded and cross referenced. It can even produce beautiful searchable reports to be sent back to the referring doctor including photographs. Specitrack meets all the needs of the modern anatomic pathology laboratory. 


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